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Tackling two of the biggest content challenges facing marketers today.

Adgistics and Miappi have united to help set a new standard for consumer brand content marketing, solving two huge marketing headaches in the process.

We are living in a world where content is king. Spend on content marketing has seen astronomical growth over the last 2 years and a survey by the Association of National Advertisers and The Content Council has predicted that spend will continue to grow by 42% through 2020 and 2021, despite the global pandemic. If anything, these unprecedented times have made us even more dependent on content.

Feeling overwhelmed?

Brands are struggling to satisfy this relentless appetite for content, while customers are becoming increasingly discerning about the type of content used, precipitating a dangerous trend where a brand’s answer is to simply generate more, flooding the market with content that is ineffective or at worst, detrimental to their brand. Content is no longer simply a function of marketing but as Seth Godin said, “the only marketing that’s left.”

But not all content is created equal, and choosing what content to create, adapt, use and store while building an authentic brand in a society where fake news is a reality is becoming the marketing challenge of the day. And with this demand for content only growing, marketers are wondering how they can find a balance between quantity and quality while satisfying this insatiable rate of consumption cost effectively.

This can be done by focusing spend on marketing that works while broadening the source of content mix to include earned media like UGC (User-Generated Content).

Unlocking the potential of UGC

For brands such as ITV and Unilever, they have found that part of the answer lies in using User-Generated Content and have turned to Miappi to solve this problem. Miappi helps brands easily discover, license and harness authentic content (images, videos and reviews) created by

consumers. This is great news for marketers as many brands will have an abundance of UGC living out there in their social sphere already. This content is readily available, free to use in most cases, authentic and the most trusted form of content marketing.

“92% of consumers around the world say they trust earned media, such as recommendations from friends and family, above all other forms of advertising.”

Understanding what content works is key

But Brands are still faced with the need to understand which message, image or theme is the most effective.

A recent study (paid by Adgistics) found that 80% of marketers said that discovering “what content works and why” would be crucial to helping them be more effective in their jobs. But most data sources at the moment only reveal the effectiveness of a technology or media channel or creative campaign used but rarely around the content itself.

And while optimising content is not new, analysing the component parts of marketing assets is and who better than a digital asset management company to finally unlock these insights? Storing, retrieving and manipulating content is simply not enough.

Which is why, Adgistics, a leader in the Digital Asset Management industry, is transforming its platform to become more aware of the quality of the content that’s in it, in order that clients can get more out of it. In a nutshell, Adgistics is looking to build one of the most intelligent DAM systems, capable of telling its clients what content works and why. Finally giving its clients a better understanding of the value of the content being used and helping them make more informed decisions.

The new standard for content marketing in 2021

Leading User-Generated Content platform Miappi, and innovative Digital Asset Management platform, Adgistics, have just announced a partnership that seeks to solve the sourcing content and measuring content conundrums faced by marketers today.

The partnership between Miappi and Adgistics sets a new standard for content marketing by marrying Miappi’s content sourcing and licencing expertise with Adgistics’ content management technology making it even easier to source, use and reuse affordable, authentic content.

About Adgistics:

Founded in 2000, Adgistics has been at the forefront of many innovative technological advancements. The Adgistics Brand Hub is an intelligent technology platform that enables brand owners to streamline the creation, management and distribution of brand and marketing assets. It simply manages the process and the resources while reducing costs and time-to-market.

Making Content Work

About Miappi:

Miappi is a SaaS marketing platform powered by Consumer-Generated Content. Our technology helps brands to discover and harness these authentic stories in order to drive consumer engagement and increases conversions. Miappi helps Enterprise clients to discover, curate and license the very best visual content from social media platforms, review sites and from direct upload. The platform then makes it easy to publish the best of that content to brand websites, ecommerce pages, digital signage, live events, email campaigns and social media. In Q1 2021, Miappi will launch its community management platform to help brands engage with their most passionate brand advocates.

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