Build an army of brands' advocates with our smart BrandHub

Posted Apr 23, 2021 by admin

Build an army of brands' advocates with our smart BrandHub

Brand advocates are a powerful group that can drive a brand’s success. However, brand advocates aren’t bought, they’re created. Utilising a smarthub like the BrandHub provides a strong platform for the creation of brand advocates by uniting users in a single location and providing them with an environment to create, collaborate and communicate.

A smarthub shouldn’t just be a content delivery system but also an incubator for brand advocates

Turning employees and partners into passionate brand ambassadors requires a forum for the exchange of ideas and experiences. By creating an environment where users can take a free-form approach to sharing and learning, on a private, internal basis, or by involving the general public where appropriate, our smarthub the BrandHub helps enrich a brand through the relationships it encourages. Facilitate discussions about individual assets or entire brand initiatives and build a community of knowledgeable brand ambassadors through the exchange of rich and interactive content. The BrandHub reflects your brand’s look and feel entirely, creating a consistent, familiar environment, in which users will add to the store of business knowledge associated with your brand assets.

How does a smarthub grow brand advocates?

• Our smarthub unites colleagues in a secure environment fully branded environment

• Our smarthub benchmark tools for research and performance monitoring

• Our smarthub educate users through learning from people working and engaging with your brand

• Our smarthub extends your reach and builds a fan community around your brand

• Our smarthub can become a conversational tool rather than a one-way content delivery mechanism

Our smarthub the BrandHub is designed to unite colleagues in a single, secure online environment. It enables users to start an informal discussion, scheduled ‘seminars’ and utilise helpdesk functionalities. The BrandHub supports and nurtures the internal workings of your brand as part of a complete brand management solution or a brand-led focused communications strategy.


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