How to mitigate human error when managing brand assets

Posted Apr 23, 2021 by admin

How to mitigate human error when managing brand assets

By definition, brand assets are valuable. Being sure you have control over who can access what and when is critical to maintaining that value. Unauthorised access, or simply allowing access to the wrong material for regulatory or copyright reasons can lead to complications at best and the very real threat of legal or financial exposure at worst. Controlling access and materials is a core component of Brand Management software. Tested to global standards of security, our user management is second to none in enabling you to define and manage users and roles for a simple one site business or a multilingual, multinational organisation.

Streamline brand control with Brand Management software

The processes surrounding brand activation can be complex, requiring multiple approvals and sign-offs before the material reaches the public domain. At the same time, systems that require the configuration of complex workflow schemes can unnecessarily restrain speed to market and are subject to redundancy as people and procedures change.

The BrandHub is built around a lightweight approval and workflow system that is rapidly adaptable to the level of complexity required, on a project-by-project basis. This is because we recognise that priorities are different for different projects, and teams are constantly shifting to include new members, both inside and outside the business. With the ability to share and annotate work – on all kinds of documents from pdfs to video – the BrandHub keeps a record of the entire project process, from initiation to delivery, ensuring complete transparency and audit readiness.

Control can go too far, suppressing creativity or rapid response to market opportunity. While adhering to standard procedures to reduce risk, it can also inhibit spontaneity in a way that harms business.

The BrandHub artwork automation capability goes a long way to solving the problem of how much tactical creative freedom makes sense. Working from flexible templates, local marketers can adapt materials - for print and digital communications – that reflect local market realities while at the same time remaining ‘on brand’. With the possibility of delivering these adaptations direct to the relevant publisher, the certainty that ‘what you see is what you’ll get’ is assured.

Find out how Brand Management software supports brand control

Find out how Brown-Forman, the company behind over 30 of the world's most iconic drink brands such as Jack Daniels, Herradura, and Finlandia manages rigid regulations and compliance issues with the BrandHub.

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