Brand Compliance



Right person, right access

Controlling who sees what is critical where sensitive, copyrighted or market specific material is being managed. We meet your corporate security standards for system access, while keeping administration to a minimum. Within the Brand Centre, roles that confer different capabilities and levels of access are easily configured.


Speedy compliance in complex environments

For many clients in various heavily regulated industries, the Brand Centre is a proven force in modelling complex rules via a simple user-interface. Where legally mandated inter-dependent processes and sign-offs must be completed and verified, the easily configured Rules Engine makes an invaluable contribution to process security and speed to market.



Know your digital rights

Rights Management is built in to the Brand Centre. The licensed geography and duration of any asset are linked to the asset itself, controlling its discoverability depending on the time and origin of any search. Further control can be exercised through approval, which requires a sign-off prior to the release of master materials.


Taking stock

Part of scoping a Brand Centre establishes benchmarks for any compliance related activity. Legal and production costs resulting from improper or inefficient asset use are measured, and subsequent Brand Centre activity tracked as a running comparison. Whether it's a reduction in license liability or an improvement in speed to market, you can anticipate a positive return.


The Brand Centre gives marketers greater clarity and coordination when it comes to managing teams, global and local campaigns, projects and granular tasks.