Brand Value Management what does it mean?

The notion that the ‘brand as a business system’ excites marketing and branding professionals, as it completely refines the role of the brand in various businesses of all sizes and types.

In the internet-driven 24/7 business cycle, the brand has broken out of marketing and communications to establish a pre-eminent position at the heart of any successful organisation. What tools can best manage and optimise its impact to ensure the brand makes an accountable contribution on the balance sheet?

The Brand Value Management whitepaper outlines how the function of the brand can be rendered into a mathematical formula that analyses how brand and marketing departments can become profit generators. The potential reach of your brand over the last year years has exploded with the advent of social media. The brand ideas envisaged and curated can contribute to the underlying value of the business. Brand ambassadors, opinion leaders and formers communicate your core brand values and add unique personality to your brand.

The most important asset of any business – its staff – can have a huge impact on the brand. We explore how marketing and communications has leveraged marketing technology tools for Brand Value Management. This ranges from simple image repositories being deployed to more complex workflow and campaign management solutions.

Our whitepaper sheds light on real environments that are taking advantage of technologies to delivery a strong and innovative brand. We are certain that you will find ideas that you can apply to the way you work today, and how you’d like to work tomorrow from our Brand Value Management whitepaper.