Diversity & Inclusion

Numerous events over the past three years, including the tragic death of George Floyd, have sparked a global revolution and reignited the desire to chase out all forms of hate and prejudice, whilst allowing us to positively explore our differences through all mediums (books, talks, podcasts etc.) and recognising those differences as the dimension of diversity.

Inclusion is an organisational effort and practice in which different groups or individuals are culturally and socially accepted and made to feel like they belong. The process of inclusion engages each individual and makes people feel valued as being essential to the success of the organisation.

The Adgistics D&I Team

The D&I Team was formed with the ambition of driving awareness around inequality and prejudice and creating a safe space for our staff.

We acknowledge that we will not always get things right first time but through employee surveys, safe-space conversations and research, we are committed to ensuring that all employees feel valued and comfortable within the company.

Goals for 2021

Following a broad employee questionnaire in December 2020, we have identified some key areas for focus which include:

  1. Educating staff on how best to create an inclusive and welcoming culture
  2. Establishing a safe space for debates and discussions
  3. Raising awareness of issues both inside and outside the workplace