Adgistics, the Marketing Asset Management Specialist, creates innovative Brand Management platforms for global brands and we ensure that all the latest web practices are implemented across our systems. The user and programmer documentation for any of product and/or technology may not be redistributed publicly on CD-ROM or printed in books or on the Internet or by FTP or translated to another language in part or in whole by anyone outside of Adgistics.

Permission may be granted in some cases for private redistribution as described below. You may, without requesting permission, link to any location on our website.

Public Redistribution - Redistribution of the documentation and software in a given download bundle is covered by the license for that download. You can read any license by starting the download process for that bundle (the license appears just prior to actually downloading the bundle). (The license is also included in the download bundle.) The following descriptions are summaries of the licenses and are not meant to replace or supercede wording in the licenses.

Documentation - API specification is not redistributable except internally as described below. One exception is granted, where permission is given to publish 10 or fewer unaltered screen shots of our documentation, whose intended purpose is to show examples of our work.

Internal Redistribution - Organisations often want to distribute documentation internally, such as on an intranet, in printed form or in private distribution such as a CD for a university course. Special permission may or may not be required, depending on the particular document. Where special permission is required, please email us.

Here are our general policies:

  • API specifications can be redistributed internally without special permission. They cannot be made available on the Internet.
  • Documents governed only by a legal notice and not by a software license, including tutorials, require special permission. These can be identified as documents outside of a software release.
  • Documents governed by a software license have their distribution policy written into that software license. Internal distribution may require special permission.

Attribution - Where permission has been granted (or where special permission need not be requested) please use the following attribution language:

© Copyright 2017 Adgistics. Reprinted with permission.