Successful global brand management means more than keeping an eye on communications material. Our eBook answers five key questions regarding global brand management at one of the largest American-owned companies in the spirits and wine business.

Over 4000 global employees have access to our system. One of the things we liked about Adgistics’ Brand Hub concept was that there are multiple layers of security. We control what people can see and do based on the type of user they are.
— Shelley Schippert, Studio & Technology Manager, Brown-Forman

Global Brand Management distilled key questions & take aways 

How to maintain control of brand assets?

Over time, global brands build up a vast number of communication assets, which are usually housed on a brand portal and can be easily shared.

All these assets have their own uses – some global, some local and some restricted by regulatory compliance. This means that not everyone needs to see everything. In fact, a less-is-more attitude could save valuable effort and avoid  problems. For example:

  • A brand manager in Germany does not need to see material created for the US that they cannot run for regulatory reasons.
  • An image shared globally but with only local usage rights is an accident waiting to happen.

Of course, the question of giving access needn’t be a case of either complete download authority or total invisibility. A more layered approach creates flexibility and can open up new opportunities (e.g. allowing users to request a local version or a rights extension for their market).

There is no escaping the fact that control is key.  To some, this may all sound over-cautious, but a healthy dose of paranoia can help protect the brand and the performance of the business.

How can businesses streamline creative workflow processes to reduce costs?

The company’s Brand Hub allows registered users to quickly and easily resize assets and change certain elements. In some cases, the headline and image can be changed - though any more changes are restricted by Brown-Forman.

New files are automatically routed to everyone that needs to approve them - brand and legal - to ensure they meet brand guidelines and include legally required information.

The time it takes to create new, approved assets has been slashed from up to five days to just a few hours. Plus, if required, the system can format the ad and deliver it to the publication.

How does Brown-Forman make asset management an extension of its brand?

Brown-Forman has specific areas for each of  its  brands.  When you’re in the Jack Daniel’s portal,  you  get  a  100% Jack Daniel’s experience – the unique character, imagery and design system. Not only does this clearly signpost each brand’s area, it shows the importance Brown-Forman places on the integrity of its brands.

How Brown-Forman made the most out of their transition to Adgistics

By asking about key, everyday tasks, Brown-Forman was able to create short, sharp weekly tips that got people up to speed fast. This bite-size training could be completed in less than a minute and was supplemented by 30-minute WebEx sessions.

Brown-Forman used what they’d learnt to roll out new features over time. ‘For instance, they’re piloting a version that extends access to their retailers, bars and restaurants.’

Brown-Forman now has a more holistic approach to its brands. It also knows it has a brand asset management system that will grow with their needs.

How Brown-Forman is making the most of out of their social media presence

Increasingly, social media is a key part of Brown-Forman’s brand building efforts. Around Jack Daniel’s birthday month, for instance, lots of retailers, bars and customers want to share content from images to videos to badges and beyond. So they’re working to make these assets readily available - but to maintain compliance under the tight control of their Brand Hub.