A lot of marketing tools or systems associated with Localised Marketing Automation approach stem from Marketing Asset Management (MAM). Businesses are leveraging Localised Marketing Automation solutions to bring a holistic approach in monitoring marketing effectiveness and to combat the on-going challenge of brand communications.

Clear visibility with localised marketing automation

In a national or a global brand environment, having clear visibility of the marketing spend and controlling dissemination of communications is vital. At the corporate level, the marketing division is laying out the brand governance and standards but the local marketers also need tools to be able to instantly react effortlessly. The report critiqued over 30 marketing technology in multi-channel campaign execution, asset management and much more.

The Localised Marketing Automation report is relevant for anyone right along the brand supply chain and offers insightful vendor rankings to review and assess which technology partner can provide a powerful solution.

Download the report to learn to best manage visibility into your marketing communications. If that tool is a centralised system, cooperate marketing can see what’s going on in the regions and have greater control in maintaining brand consistency.