The challenge

To enhance and maintain its global status, an authoritative, uniformly applied brand is a critical requirement; and with offices covering the major political and financial centres of the world, the RICS Brand Centre® was specified as a key force to drive consistency of the brand globally.

The solution

The RICS Brand Centre was implemented to spearhead their brand refresh, and was rolled out as a single point of reference for RICS brand materials, ensuring all employees work from one platform to reduce duplication of work, increase brand consistency and lower marketing costs.

In addition, Adgistics implemented a user-friendly Digital Asset Management system and artwork automation for specially designed templates that can be updated in a matter of minutes according to the requirements of each location. This system delivers an auditable project management journey which limits errors and miscommunication and simplifies third party collaboration.

The RICS Brand Centre has been designed to promote the organisation’s values and visual identity allowing RICS full oversight of their brand in action. The Brand Centre itself is a consistent portrayal of the brand, making it an immersive, intuitive experience for first-time visitors, and promoting its frequent use.


The results

RICS has gained an extra level of cohesion and transparency with the Brand Centre in relation to sharing their diverse materials globally.

The Brand Centre system is entirely aligned and based on RICS’ brand identity, in look, feel and tone-of-voice, ensuring best practice in the experience and representation of their brand.