Security and Information protection

Information is important to the success of Adgistics. We are committed to ensuring that your data remains secure in your environment and to protecting the confidential and personal details. We are dedicated guardians of your personal data and follow strict data minimisation policies. We only collect only relevant and necessary personal data for the sole purposes of platform operation and performance and ensure that the data is processed under the right lawful basis. In order to protect clients’ data, we use a set of state-of-the-art security principles and practices.

Security and Data protection measures
Security and Privacy

Safeguarding your data is our priority

Compliance Offering

All our clients are hosted in Microsoft Azure. Microsoft Azure offers a comprehensive set of compliance offerings to comply with national, regional, and industry-specific requirements governing the collection and use of data (e.g. SOC and ISO).

Data Encryption

All data in transit and at rest are encypted. Data at rest is stored in an encrypted blob storage, using 256-bit AES encryption. Data in transit is encrypted using SHA256 encryption, TLS 1.2 is enforced for connections to the solution and between services.

Intrusion and Endpoint Protection

Our Security Centre provides real-time intrusion detection powered by constant threat analytics.

Penetration and vulnerability tests and code security

Penetration tests, vulnerability scans and code security reviews are carried out periodically.
Hosting and Access

Secure access to your assets

SSO Integration

The Brand Hub supports integration with Single Sign On, to allow IAM (Identity and Access Management) to be controlled centrally. We have in place several implementations, both SP and IDP initiated. We support SSO integration with several protocols and providers.

Personal Data Protection and GDPR

Adgistics follows standard data minimisation practices, only capturing data where absolutely necessary. Obtain consent or provide an opt-out where appropriate. Records are updated promptly.

Role-Based Access Control

At Adgistics we follow an auditable Role-Based access control policy to access to resources, requiring two-factor authentication and single sign on.

Patching policy

All virtual machines are patched on a monthly basis, or within 24 hours if a zero day exploit is discovered.
Reliability and Availability

High quality service guaranteed

Disaster Recovery

Yearly tested policies and procedures for technology disaster recovery, as well as the plans for recovering critical technology platforms and the telecommunications infrastructure.

Backup policy

All data is daily backed up. Soft delete is implemented up to 90 days by default but can be changed in agreement with the client.

Service Uptime and Support

Service uptime is typically higher than 99.99%.


All persistent data and databases are Geo-Redundant across at least two regions.
Scalability and Performance

An elastic infrastructure to meet your needs

Dynamically Scalable Resources

Elastic behaviour reduces the management overhead to monitor and optimize the performance of your application.

Performance Monitoring and Testing

We use detailed metrics and analysis supported by external uptime monitoring tools to ensure we are aware of any service disruption or application performance issues. Load tests and stress tests are performed against our applications to measure resources utilisation, response time, throughput, error rate in scenarios of heavy load of concurrent users and connections.