Allegiance Health is based in Jackson, Michigan and through its main hospital and clinics, has been providing quality healthcare centres since 1918. 

Allegiance Health continue to evolve the solution to fit their internal and external needs.

This system not only allows for an engaging and branded user interface it is the single place for all of their brand assets, it also provides functionality around reporting, content development, collaboration, and project management that have real ROI for the healthcare market.
— Philip Guiliano Partner BrandActive

The challenge

Each year some 3,700 staff support over 70,000 emergency department visits across more than 40 different community health services. To help communicate and reinforce the consistently high quality of care they give, Allegiance Health wanted to ensure that their branding was applied consistently across all of their facilities.

They realised that to do so they needed a system that did more than keep all the assets in a shared folder. The challenge set to Adgistics was to build a knowledge-based Digital Asset Management system to act not only as a central store for all the marketing assets, but to provide a forum for sharing brand guidelines and promoting best practice across all 40 community healthcare centres.

The solution

To promote ease-of-use and rapid uptake, the Allegiance Health Brand Center was configured to be exactly aligned in line with the brand’s look and feel.

At its core it is a highly flexible and fully automated image library, accommodating thousands of media assets, elements of corporate identity and a file repository. It’s an intuitive, one-stop shop for all brand assets. Fully self-managed for 3,700+ members, the Allegiance Health Brand Hub is the central hub for their creative work, organised simply and in line with brand guidelines to provide not only secure, rapid access to assets but also to the knowledge and experience to deploy them to best effect.

The results

Accessible anytime and anywhere, the Allegiance Health Brand Hub makes it easy for users to upload and edit images and work correctly with multiple assets. In addition, the Content Management System grants authorised users access to a page manager, where they can customise facility specific pages, drawing attention to new or relevant assets and methods.