The Ford Brand Hub dealership solution enables Ford dealers to easily produces over customised sales and promotional items that are accurate and on-brand within minutes. 

Adgistics Brand Hub system has generated significant cost savings for Ford (UK) and been extremely well received by the dealer community; we believe it to be the best system of its kind.
— Helen Smith, Advertising and Sponsorship Specialist

The Challenge

Ford(UK) encourages its dealer network to use centrally provided templates to keep local communications on-brand and consistent with national advertising. Previously, Ford managed the process via fax-back forms and a fully-manned artwork studio. The process was onerous and costly. Many dealers became alienated and developed individual off-brand communications.

The solution

The entirely web-based Dealer Xpress allows dealers to create materials in minutes. On-brand templates are centrally uploaded, and key elements (i.e. the headline, cars featured, pricing, etc.) can be dynamically personalised by dealers on-the-fly.

Press publications and sizes are selected from a database and the advertisement is automatically resised to fit; print-ready artwork is electronically dispatched direct to the publisher. Personalised direct marketing and point-of-sale materials can be downloaded as print-ready artwork, to be printed at the dealership, sent to a local supplier or ordered through a centralised fulfilment service.

The results

The Ford Brand Hub is highly valued by dealers, produces over 1,000 customised items each month, has significantly increased on-brand communications and provides Ford with real-time knowledge of dealer activity.