Swisscom is Switzerland’s largest telecom provider with a turnover of CHF 2,893 million and over 21,000 employees. It is one of the most trusted brands in the country, representing the history and identity of Switzerland.

The challenge

Swisscom and Adgistics have been working together since 2008 developing the Swisscom Brand Hub. Swisscom wanted a system that would ensure people could easily access and communicate their brand identity. The aim was to change the emphasis of brand management from ‘police work’ to create something that was less rigid, offering a greater ease of sharing and transparency for all stakeholders – while maintaining brand consistency.

The solution

Adgistics deployed the Swisscom Brand Hub to reflect the demands of a modern brand management system. It has parts that are configured to be public facing, meaning Swisscom’s customers can interact with the brand, with some materials that can be downloaded freely, enough for anyone to connect with and convey the Swisscom message correctly and consistently. Other parts for internal use only are fully protected through the secure Brand Hub infrastructure. Adgistics and Swisscom co-designed innovative display techniques promoting ease of use and engagement, and providing a further boost to brand development.

The results

With nearly 16,000 users registered, the Brand Hub provides a central location for supporting brand activity, accessible globally. In line with one of Swisscom’s core principles – openness - the public face of the site promotes customer trust in the brand. Rapidly evolving, the system demonstrates the importance of the Brand Hub as a vibrant part of Swisscom’s communication work.